Voice over IP is all about making and receiving calls using the internet at the price of a regular internet browsing. VoIP is a phrase used in IP telephony for a set of services for running the release of voice information using the internet protocol.

This can be implemented on hotels, small to large corporate offices in place of / or can be integrated with the existing PABX system. It is an STD-ISD facility through the internet.

Benefit includes
• Broadband Speed Connection
• Cheaper calls local and overseas
• Fast deployment and manageable
• The VoIP advantages over traditional telephony includes

Lower Infrastructure Cost

• Once the IP infrastructure is in place, no or little additional telephony equipment will be needed
• Future proof because it is software based and does not require most of the time any hardware replacement.
• STD-ISD Subscriber Trunk Dialing/ Integrated Services Digital- traditional voice communication. PABX- Private Automatic Branch Exchange