ICCES Track Pro Car

Compact tracking for 12V motorcycles and other vehicles.
Very simple to install, compact, light and low power consumption.
Allows for engine stopping, panic button, ignition alarm, anti-theft alarm.
Ideally suited for basic tracking applications for all kind of light vehicles.

TRACK PRO CAR with logo icces
-Web Tracking – get the vehicle location via web browser using the provided username and password
-GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Quad band – service available in most cities and countries worldwide
-Wide for voltage input range 9-36VDC – can be deployed to light and heavy vehicles with battery supply range of 9 VDC to 36VDC
-GPS continuous positioning, GPRS time interval – the device will send status/location report every given period of time (by default 5min.)
-Vehicle Status – information if the vehicle is moving or parked/ stopped
-Fuel – Cut – Off (Kill Engine Feature) – for security and protection of the car, quick recovery in case of theft
-Store up to 500 coordinates prior to blind spot – device can keep records of its location when the GSM signal is lost

-Alarm Notification:
*SOS Panic button (Optional) – use for emergency assistance (for example : carjacking)
*Over Speeding Via:
-SMS (Optional) – client has to pay extra charges for this feature
-Web – client can view over speeding alert from the website
*Low Battery – in case the car battery will be discharged it will send alert on the website
*Power Removal/disconnected intentionally from the Vehicle – it will send alert to the server if the AVL device will remove


CCES Track Pro AVL

Ideally suited for fleet of trucks including heavy machinery and tractors as it’s a reliable full featured tracking device. Recovery of stolen vehicles. For fleet tracking and logistics.

Track pro avl

-Realtime fleet tracking for 12V – 36V vehicles
-Tracking via SMS or GPRS (TCP/UDP)
-Current location report
-Tracking by time interval
-Position logging capacity up to 260,000+ waypoints
-Store in GPS blind area (offline mode) and forward when GPRS re establish (online mode)
-Memory in areas without GSM coverage, stores up to 2200 points (about 48 hrs.)
-Built in motion sensor for power saving
-SOS panic button
-Geo fencing control
-Low battery alert
-Door control
-Digital odometer for fuel usage on a day by day basis and seatbelt detection
-Speeding alert
-Engine cut (petrol and electricity) function
-Wiretapping (optional)
-Alert when device/car enters/exit no GPS blind area
-Alert when device is turned on
-I/O 5 digital inputs, 3 negative and 2 positive triggering; 5 outputs
-Analog input: 2 10 bits resolution analog inputs


ICCES Track Pro Advance

Realtime tracking for 12V – 36V vehicles. Ideally suited for driving behaviour, driver identification and driver ranking and benchmarking. Only allowed drivers will be able to start engine by passing his/her RFID card.

Track pro advance

-GSM/GPRS/TCP Communication
-Full control by Web based Software
-Tracking on demand by SMS or Smartphone
-Auto-Tracking by interval of time
-Remote Listening (Optional)
-Storage on memory when no GSM coverage detected, storing up to 2000 waypoints
-DataLogger, 180.000 waypoints (optional)
-Movement detection in order to save battery
-Panic button, Ignition detection.
-Remote door locks and glass raise
-Unlimited Geozones support
-Alerts on movements (geozones)
-Low battery alert, and no power alert
-Speed excess alert
-GPS jammer detection alert- Power on alert
-Remote engine locking
-I/O: 4 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs
-2 Analog inputs – 10 bits resolution
-Supports fuel and temperature sensors
-2 Serial Ports (for JPG Camera or RFID)


ICCES Track Pro Person

Compact, allows for realtime tracking ofpersons, boxes, suitcases, etc. Panic button and fast charging battery can stand up to 30 hrs. Optional enhanced battery to stand up to 7 days. Ideally suited for childrens, elders and as a security measure for executives and personnel.

track pro person


ICCES Track Pro Container

Realtime tracking of containers and cargo. High-power magnet allows an effective fixation in the container. High duration internal battery, allows for a maximum operation of 40 days in standby mode

track pro container



Prices are subject to change.
Some features are not available in certain countries due to law and regulations.
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